The wind blows to cool the earth, the sun shines to keep us from darkness, from the trees to the sea there is order there is purpose. We as human beings also have purpose, some of us are eager, for some it takes a lifetime and there are times we take our lives into our own hands and define our purpose.

Tatyana Jackson was born on December 31, 1995 to Yvonne Mccrimmon and Quinton Jackson. She was raised in Deerfield Beach, Florida where she lived her entire life with her mom and younger brother. She attended Deerfield Beach High School where she played volleyball, softball and cheerleading her freshman year, upon graduating, she attended Broward College in Coconut Creek Florida.

At the age of 13 Tatyana life started to change and Tatyana got saved, thus beginning the defining of her purpose. She attends Real-time Ministries in Pompano Beach, Florida with Pastor Terry Blount and First Lady Shirleen Harris-Blount. Tatyana is apart of the praise and worship team, and the children ministry as a Sunday school teacher. She enjoys teaching her two and three year olds kids about Jesus and liturgical dancing.

Tatyana discovered she had the gift to minister through music between the ages of 13 and 14 when she began rapping about the love of Christ. Everywhere she goes Tatyana always brings her headphones, book, pen, and her phone. She said “Every chance I have is a chance to write about my God. I am blessed and thankful to have such a gift.”

“It’s been a long journey and endless praying asking God to guides me, because I didn’t want to get in the way and mess things up. I messed up a few hundred times but God reassured me that His love is eternal, and that He will never leave nor forsake me”.

Tatyana is in the studio with John Moise of “Momusic Studio” working on her first project she prays will reach not only her generation, but the younger and older generations. She hopes that when her music is being played, not only will the people hear God, but also hear her story and message. Tatyana believes that wherever she is that she is the representation of Christ Jesus.

“If we don’t let our light shine wherever we go then we’re doing things part-time. I believe that sometimes we are the only light some people get to see, you never know your smile, a hug, or even your presence can bring people to Christ”, Thus The definition of her purpose.

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